Keeping connected to industry: Preparing new graduates for employment

It is one thing for students to be taught the soft skills required of their chosen industry during their studies with Navitas Professional, it’s another for prospective graduates to start preparing for highly skilled work by hearing what their industry expects from them in the workplace.

There is real and meaningful value in engaging our industry partners to speak with students to reinforce the messages taught in our classrooms, align students’ expectations to industry, and to gain first-hand, valuable insights from highly experienced industry experts. Our relationship with industry is crucial and enables us to ensure we are helping our graduates meet the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing global work reality.

‘Meet the Manager’ workshop

The Adelaide Navitas Professional team held the inaugural ‘Meet the Manager’ event in August 2018, attended by both current and prospective students. Representatives from industry partners (including the CEO of Comunet, Project Manager from BAE Systems, Relationship Manager from CPA and Co-founder of Pixelforce) spoke about employability; what their industries are looking for when recruiting new graduates, with a big focus on the importance of what I like to call ‘Personal Core Capabilities’ (aka soft skills – although the term ‘soft skills’ potentially undervalues the enormous importance industry places on these skills, particularly for new graduates). Learn more about the ‘Meet the Manager’ workshop in the slides below:

Navitas Professional’s focus is on providing students and graduates with the opportunities to learn these skills, particularly Personal Core Capabilities, which are so highly prized by industry, in a real-world environment that closely matches the rigours of the workplace. In doing so, we are preparing graduates for the needs of industry in a contemporary and relevant manner that addresses their ability to apply their knowledge, adjust to and integrate with the workforce, and become resilient and effective employees.

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