A data-driven approach to improve retention (Q&A session)

Australia/Sydney 11am | Thurs 25th February
America/New York 7pm | Thurs 24th February
Europe/London 12am | Thurs 25th February

Raj Thethy – Group Manager Business Development
Margot McNeill – Head, Learning and Teaching Transformation

Raj Thethy and Margot McNeill will talk about some recent work in Navitas University Programs colleges where data analytics has been used to shape some new approaches to retention, with some impressive results. They’ll summarise their thoughts on the significance of this work, and answer your questions on this complex and fascinating topic.

There’s some brief background reading on retention in Margot’s short article. You can also submit your questions on retention and analytics during the session (via the chatbox) or before the session in the form below.