Appsolutely! Explore the popular quiz tools Socrative & Kahoot

Australia/Sydney 5.30pm | Wed 12th April
USA/Los Angeles 12.30am | Wed 12th April
Europe/London 8.30am | Wed 12th April

Clare McGrath – Teacher Trainer & Learning and Teaching Advisor – Navitas
Azad Noor – Programme Element Leader for Engineering Foundation – LBIC

Recently heard about a new app you’d like to try in your teaching? Perhaps you’re pondering some new ways to tackle a learning and teaching challenge? Come and join us for the latest in this series of events looking at educational apps and tools, and explore how they can be aligned with a range of pedagogical approaches.

This regular, short sharing session is presented by a diverse range of educators sharing what they’ve learned through their own practice. Each session includes:

  • An overview of a particular teaching and learning challenge
  • Introduction to the app or tool
  • How it can be used in teaching
  • Q&A and discussion (if you’ve tried it yourself, come along and share your own experiences!)

Today’s app: Socrative and Kahoot

Socrative is a free online smart app that can be used to engage students instantly with the help of their smart devices (mobile phones) in hand. It allows you the teacher to engage with your students via a series of polls, quizzes and games that you design.

Some of the key features of Socrative are:

  • Teachers can give instant feedback.
  • Teachers can also track students’ progress over a period of time.
  • Students are able to access and answer the quizzes via their smart devices.
  • Socrative is good for concept checking and gaining a feeling of class understanding before and after the lesson.
  • Results can be made immediately available to both the student and the tutor.
  • Socrative is free. (although extra features are available for the professional version that comes with a cost).

Azad Noor will introduce this app to you and he will take you through a small quiz,which he has already set up in Socrative. So , be ready with your smart device and gain some hands on experience of using this tool in your classroom.

Kahoot – You can quickly and easily create quizzes, surveys and discussion prompts using Kahoot! These can be kept private or made public. It’s free for all, and simple for students to access these on their phone via the website or the app, with no need for an account or log-ins. The fast-paced quizzes in which students compete as individuals or in teams are beautifully simple, but do come with a few frills.

In this presentation Clare McGrath will introduce you to the what and the how of Kahoot! to understand the why and the when, for those moments when you really need to change the pace with students or with staff. Bring your mobile (and the Kahoot! app if you wish).