Blackboard Collaborate – How to use Polling, Webtours and Application sharing

Australia/Sydney 11.00am | Fri 30th September
America/New York 9.00pm | Thurs 29th September
Europe/London 2.00am | Fri 30th September

Presenter: Michele Furlong – PD Facilitator
Navitas Learning and Teaching Services

This session will provide you with additional skills/strategies required to facilitate and enhance a Blackboard Collaborate session including:

  • Polling – this tool allows a facilitator to easily create multiple choice quizzes to test knowledge, poll opinions/attitudes etc, results can be presented in a graph with one or two clicks of the mouse!
  • Application sharing – this tool allows you to share what you can see on your computer may open a journal article or a word document, and allow participants to see the same document as well as any actions you take with your mouse or keyboard.
  • Webtour – this tool allows you to take the participants to a website while staying within BBC . Participants can explore the website on their own screens or participants can be made to follow your movement through different weblinks.

Who would benefit from attending this session? Staff who are familiar with the basics of Blackboard collaborate and would like to learn intermediate tools.
Pre-requisite: None, however, some familiarity with how to use the “Talk” button and the chat box will aid in participation.