Blackboard Collaborate – How to use the Whiteboard and Breakout rooms

Australia/Sydney 2pm | Mon 26th September
America/New York 12am | Sun 25th September
Europe/London 5am | Mon 26th September

Presenter: Michele Furlong – PD Facilitator
Navitas Learning and Teaching Services

This session will provide you with additional skills/strategies required to facilitate and enhance the interactivity of a Blackboard Collaborate session:

Whiteboard skills encourage collaboration
The Whiteboard provides on-the-spot collaboration by allowing all participants to write/type on the whiteboard, highlight text, create diagrams/mind maps etc. This webinar will cover:

  • All whiteboard tools
  • Some examples on how to create an interactive class activity using the whiteboard
  • Information on how to save a copy of the whiteboard

Breakout rooms encourage small group activities
Breakout rooms allow the facilitator to put participants into small groups in their own private rooms so collaboration on individual tasks can be achieved. All participants can return to the main room to discuss ideas/findings. This webinar will cover:

  • Creating a breakout room
  • Allocating participants to rooms in different ways
  • Moving a slide to a breakout room
  • Writing on a slide/whiteboard in a breakout room
  • Bringing a slide back to the main room to show the ideas/work completed
  • Tips on breakout rooms e.g. creating them before the class, types of activities that can be used

Who would benefit from attending this session? – Teaching staff who have undertaken basic Blackboard Collaborate training as a participant or moderator.
Pre-requisite: None, however, some familiarity with how to use the “Talk” button and the chat box will aid in participation.