Building an academic integrity framework: Exploring a checklist of recommendations

Australia/Sydney 11.00am | Thurs 6th July
USA/Los Angeles 6.00pm | Wed 5th July
Europe/London 2.00am | Thurs 6th July

Ann Wilson – Senior Academic Developer – L&T Services

There have been a number of recent scandals around academic integrity – the McMaster scandal (a website selling assignments and essays) SBS programme “Pens for hire” (, diploma mills, ghost-writing services, even websites offering to take exams for students.  In the face of all of this, it is no wonder that TEQSA has requested that Higher Education Providers provide an ‘assurance of academic integrity’.

What is the solution?

Learning and Teaching Services has been working on an Academic Integrity Framework which is built on four key learning principles:

  • Academic integrity is a shared responsibility
  • A framework of policies and procedures are understood by all stakeholders
  • Assessment design is critical
  • Academic integrity is an educative process

This event will explore the extent of the issue of cheating and plagiarism, drawing on a very recent Australian report, identify some of the issues involved in academic integrity and explore the checklist of recommendations and ideas in the draft framework.