‘Can I use this?’ Q&A on common copyright concerns

Australia/Sydney 3.00pm | Wed 22nd February
USA/Los Angeles 8.00pm | Tues 21st February
Europe/London 4.00am | Wed 22nd February

Ian Drummond – Senior Manager, Library Services – Navitas Professional Institute (NPI)
Max Gallo – Senior Manager, Quality Systems & Audit – Quality and Risk Management

In Australia and other jurisdictions, copyright law allows the use of copyright material in particular ways for educational purposes.  This seminar will provide a general overview of copyright concepts and some guidelines for the use of copyrighted material in education. Ian Drummond and Max Gallo will share strategies and resources that will assist you in making informed decisions around copyright.

This session aims to:

  • Raise awareness of copyright concepts, principles and issues.
  • Provide guidelines for the use of copyrighted material, including video and creative commons, in education.
  • Equip academic staff to make their own informed decisions on copyright

This Q&A focusses on Australian Copyright guidelines. If you teach or work outside of Australia and are interested in a Q&A for your region, please get in touch.