Curriculum Renewal: a systematic approach to technology enhanced learning

Australia/Sydney 3.00pm | Tues 28th November
Europe/London 4.00am | Tues 28th November
USA/Los Angeles 8.00pm | Mon 27th November

Juliana Kendi – Director of Studies – La Trobe Melbourne
Santina Sculli – Academic Coordinator – La Trobe Melbourne

Learning and teaching needs to reflect the way that individuals and societies perceive, interact, and gain knowledge in the 21st century. Technology is a global form of communication that is driving change in the way that learning occurs. The current challenge for many ESL centres is in creating and delivering an ESL curriculum that meets student learning preferences by incorporating digital learning as part of an overall approach based on best practice.

This session will outline a curriculum renewal project undertaken by La Trobe Melbourne as part of a wider Navitas global initiative in 2017. It will include details from initial planning and identification of broader learning principles through to the delivery of lessons with a holistic, consistent and integrated approach to using technology across the curriculum. It also outlines how teachers were central to this process and how appropriate training was provided.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear how one college has systematically planned, implemented and documented curriculum renewal that incorporates technology meaningfully across all programs. Ideas may also be gained as to how curriculum renewal can be approached and be successful in establishing collaborative learning communities, of which both students and teachers are active participants.