Developing rubrics to improve assessment, marking and feedback

Australia/Sydney 11.00am | Wed 9th August
USA/Los Angeles 6.00pm | Tues 8th August
Europe/London 2.00am | Wed 9th August

Ann Wilson – Senior Academic Developer – L&T Services

Assessment marking rubrics describe the assessment criteria and how they might be enacted across the different levels of performance in a piece of assessment.  They are a great way to encourage fairness in marking, and more uniformity across different markers marking the same assignments.  They do, however, require some work to construct.

In this interactive webinar, Ann Wilson will put the case for developing and using rubrics in marking and feedback.  She will share some resources and strategies that may assist teachers in developing their own rubrics.  Attendees will also work collaboratively to design and develop a nascent rubric.  By the end of the session you will be able to describe what makes a good rubric and why you might use one, and have a strategy for the development of rubrics for your assessment.

Here is some pre-webinar material a short 3 minute video explaining the value of assessment rubrics.  I suggest participants to this webinar view the video before the webinar