Discover and discuss: Supporting teachers to address diversity in the classroom

255 Elizabeth St, Sydney | 12.30pm | Mon 14th August

Nadina Dodd – Case Manager – Fraser International College (FIC)

Growing numbers of young people are living with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, international students are particularly at-risk as a group, often facing additional challenges that might be cultural, academic, linguistic, social and/or adjustment-related. In this context, a great demand is being placed on teachers to consider the mental health of their students and create a supportive classroom environment.

In this on-campus presentation, Nadina Dodd discusses:

  • Issues teachers are facing amidst emerging mental health concerns
  • The ‘Discover & Discuss’ Teacher Support Group
  • Nadina’s Art Therapy collaboration in the partner university’s dormitories
  • How these initiatives fit with other mental health strategies at Fraser International College

After the presentation, the floor is open for discussion and questions! What is your college doing to promote mental health and wellbeing? Are there strategies or support programs you want to discuss? Attendees are warmly encouraged to share and ask questions.