Mapping the future of education: Exploring the Global EdTech Landscape

Australia/Sydney 9:30am | Thu 12th October
Canada/Vancouver 3:30pm | Wed 11th October
Europe/London 11:30pm | Wed 11th October

Patrick Brothers – CEO of Navitas Ventures, CDO at Navitas & Chairman at EduGrowth Australia
Maria Spies – Digital Learning Futures at Navitas Ventures, GM Navitas Learning and Teaching Services

Welcome to the fourth ‘Big Picture’ event!

Ernest Hemingway suggested change happens two ways: gradually and then suddenly. There’s perhaps no better way to describe how education will evolve over the next 10 years. Education is poised for significant disruption with UNESCO predicting a shortage of almost 100 million seats by 2025.

Project Landscape came about with a vision to map education innovation and technology from around the globe. Global EdTech Landscape 3.0 maps 15,000 EdTech teams from over 50 countries, totalling approximately $50 billion of investment.

Come along to this Big Picture event to learn more about Landscape 3.0 and hear directly from Patrick Brothers and Maria Spies as they explore what is happening in the 26 clusters of innovation that were identified (see the image below!).

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Presenter bios:

Patrick Brothers
Patrick is the CEO of Navitas Ventures and has been instrumental in leading the ground-breaking research into the global EdTech industry. Patrick is Chief Development Officer at Navitas and the Chair of EduGrowth, Australia’s edtech acceleration network for scalable, borderless education.

Maria Spies
Maria is Head of Digital Learning Futures for Navitas Ventures and leads Learning and Teaching Services at Navitas. Her role drives and supports innovation across curriculum, teaching and the student experience, and the investigation of new models in tertiary education.