Engaging teachers, engaging students: Reflections on an engagement conference

Australia/Sydney 9.00am | Wed 14th February
USA/Los Angeles 2.00pm | Tue 13th February
Europe/London 10.00pm | Tue 13th February

Ann Wilson – Senior Academic Developer – L&T

Student Engagement is a great buzzword in education now, and of great interest to all of us as we want our students to be engaged.  In 2017, Ann Wilson presented at a student engagement conference in Manchester UK, and this webinar is a version of her presentation.  The literature on student engagement that is used to construct the AUSSE (Australian University Student Survey on Engagement) identifies the following six elements that are used to measure engagement.  In the presentation she will explore and expand on the following elements:

  • Academic challenge – the level to which the assessments and activities challenge students to learn
  • Active learning – the extent to which students are active participants in the construction of their knowledge
  • Student/teacher interactions – the frequency and types of student teacher interactions
  • Educational experience – the breadth of educational activities
  • Supportive learning environment – how much the student feels part of the educational institution
  • Work integrated learning – the extent to which there is an employment focus in the educational process

If you are interested in student engagement and would like to learn more, you can register for the upcoming 4-week course – FoLTO: Engagement and Motivation.