The growth mindset: The power of acknowledging potential

Australia/Sydney 10.00am | Wed 28 November 2018
USA/Los Angeles 3.00pm | Tue 27 November 2018
UK/London 11.00pm | Tue 27 November 2018
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Denise Metzger – Education Manager, Global Languages and Training – UNSW Global Education

Thinking our capabilities are determined by past success or failure leads to a way of thinking that psychologist Carol Dweck classified as a ‘fixed mindset’. This is where we think ‘I’m not good at languages’, or ‘I’m no good at technology’, or ‘I’m not a natural authority figure’, or ‘that’s just not the way things happen here’. This kind of thinking is not open to change, but all learning requires being open to change.

In this event, Denise Metzger will give theoretical and practical ideas on how to help teachers and managers move from a ‘fixed’ to ‘growth’ mindset to actively seek and excel in changing educational contexts, in order to learn new ways to be successful.