Learning analytics – Making sense of Moodle data

Australia/Sydney 10.30am | Thurs 21st September
Europe/London 1.30am | Thurs 21st September
USA/Los Angeles 5.30pm | Wed 20th September

Lincoln Gomes – Team Lead, Learning Design – L&T Services

Big data. We’re obsessed by it. As more learning happens outside of the classroom, more and more higher education institutions, view big data as the best way to intimately know what their students are doing and thinking. But what if I, as a teacher, just want to know who logged in to watch my latest video on multi-factor analysis of variance? Answers to simple questions often have the greatest impact on how we design a unit of study.

In this event, Lincoln Gomes will highlight some of the most important questions to consider when facilitating blended and fully online courses. He will also show you how Moodle analytics can be used to help you increase student engagement, learn more about your individual students and how they learn together.