Learning and Teaching Podcast Episode 1: Virtual Tools with Mark Bassett

Navitas Learning and Teaching Podcasts Series One: Transformation in Tertiary Education

The theme of transformation has occupied the minds and efforts of the higher education sector in this time of pandemic. Series one podcasts consider forward thinking on transforming learning and teaching prompted by the challenges faced by educators in a year that has forced profound changes on us all. Leading educational thinkers in Navitas Careers and Industry discuss topics with Raf Marcellino, Executive General Manager of Learning and Teaching, in an engaging series of conversations. The topic of each podcast flowed from the 2020 Global SAE Webinars held in May 2020.

Episode 1: Virtual Tools with Mark Bassett

In our first episode, Raf and Mark discuss the application of virtual tools in learning and deep-dive into the creation of virtual consoles within the Max software environment, and the implications for learning and teaching in SAE globally.

Dr Mark Bassett is the Director of Academic Quality Assurance, Licensed Territories, for the SAE Institute’s campuses in Amman, Belgrade, Bucharest, Bogotá, Cape Town, Dubai, Jakarta, Johannesburg, and Mexico City. Mark  is also a Senior Lecturer in SAE Australia’s Masters of Creative Industries program where he teaches several postgraduate classes on programming audio applications within the Max software environment.