The Making of MeetELT: Empowering teachers to think, share and act together

Australia/Sydney 3.00pm | Tues 10th October
Europe/London 5.00am | Tues 10th October
USA/Los Angeles 9.00pm | Mon 9th October

Lucy Blakemore – Head, L&T Networks and Communities – L&T Services
Lucy Worthington – Director of Studies – Navitas English

It’s Thursday night in a dimly-lit city bar and there’s a steadily building crowd lining up at the door. If your name’s not down, you’re definitely not coming in. If you’re waiting for the band to arrive, you’re mistaken. This is a PD event for ELICOS teachers, where each ‘sold out’ gig brings over 100 teaching staff who have done a day’s work, but are still hungry for more!

The idea was simple: free PD in a relaxed setting, open to all. Sessions needed to be social, engaging and lighthearted but with a serious side. We’ve experimented with different presentation formats, opened the floor to heaps of new presenters and provided opportunities for cross-institutional networking. This isn’t one college running a session for a few lucky teachers; it’s empowering an industry to respond quickly, creatively and collaboratively to our students’ needs by sharing what we all know.

As we go into our fourth year, join two of us who have been involved in MeetELT from the beginning. Find out what it is, why it works and leave with advice and guidance on how to run local events like this in your area. Welcome to MeetELT!