Using Moodle Data to Support Student Success


Open to
Navitas staff
Time commitment
3-5 hours L


About this module

Technological advancements in education have led to an unprecedented accumulation of data. Learning analytics reveals hidden insights from this information to optimise learning and environments. Instructors have access to several tools and learning analytic reports that can be used to assess student performance and behaviour in their Moodle courses. Instructors can utilise this information by making evidenced-informed decisions to adjust resources and scaffolding to optimise understanding and learning. Effective utilisation of this data mean educators can efficiently and effectively offer advice and guidance to students. In this module, you will explore the various built-in reports that track student progress and behaviour, learning analytic tools and course and task design strategies. 

Learning outcomes

TEN modules are designed to support you with the delivery of high-quality student experiences, while building teaching capabilities, embracing learning and teaching challenges, and being responsive to changes in education.  

 On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:  

Knowledge Generate and interpret different types of Moodle reports, such as activity logs, course completion and user progress reports. Monitor engagement and identify learners who may need additional support or intervention using Moodle reports. 
Skills Track learners’ progress and behaviour using various tools and techniques. Use this data to identify trends and patterns in learner behaviour and make data-driven decisions to improve course design and delivery. 
Application Design courses and tasks that are aligned with learning objectives and incorporate evidence-based practices for promoting learning.

Domain: Optimising Digital Technologies

This collection of capabilities enables you to intentionally use digital technologies to enhance student learning experiences.  


TEN modules are available online and you will have continuous access to the module from the start date above. Multiple assessment submission points will be available throughout the year. This module requires approximately 3-5 hours of to complete.

Successful completion

Upon successful completion of the final assessment task you will be awarded with a Navitas badge for this module to add to your Credly | Acclaim backpack.