Student Experience Project – Recipes for Success

Recipes for success

Canada/Winnipeg 6.30pm | Thu 12 April 2018
Australia/Sydney 9.30am | Fri 13 April 2018
Europe/London 12.30am | Fri 13 April 2018

Robert Daudet – Deputy College Director – International College of Manitoba
Sharla Reid – College Director & Principal – Fraser International College

The Student Experience Project started in 2016 with the intention to create consistency in student experience across the North American Business Units (BUs) as they became one division.
It has been a long time coming, but the Student Experience Project team is thrilled to finally be able to introduce ‘Navitas NA – Recipes for Success’!

Each box contains ‘recipes for success’ with some core best practices discovered from around the North American BUs and forms the foundation for an exceptional student experience across all new and existing BUs.

These recipes are intended to provide direction on how to build a successful culture that has been tested and proven from lessons learned and experience. Ensuring a high standard of development and training allows all staff, new and existing, an opportunity to identify their place within the entire North American team.

Come along to this introductory session with Robert Daudet and Sharla Reid for a chance to hear more about the project and take part in discussion with other colleagues around the world.