The Pecha Kucha Toolkit

Australia/Sydney 3pm | Wed 18th May
Europe/London 6am | Wed 18th May
America/New York 1am | Wed 18th May

Lucy Blakemore – Senior Manager, Innovation and Learning
Jonathan Hvaal – ELICOS Technology Manager/Manager, Learning & Teaching Innovation

Pecha Kucha presentations burst onto the scene in 2003 and have since been adopted and adapted by a wide audience, from the creative industries to the business world and of course, education. Having observed the use of Pecha Kucha in a number of different educational contexts, this practical session examines why the format continues to have relevance for us, and what role it can play in different learning and teaching environments.

Jon and Lucy will build on some themes explored in their ‘Pecha Kucha on Pecha Kucha‘ from the Navitas Learning & Teaching Forum, sharing a basic Pecha Kucha ‘toolkit’, structures to explore with your students and teachers, and offer some ideas you can try tomorrow in your class spaces and staff development.