The power of digital peer review

Australia/Sydney 9.30am | Wed 6th December
USA/ New York 5.30pm | Tues 5th December
Europe/London 10.30pm | Tues 5th December

Fiona Perry – Student Learning Support Coordinator – Australian College of Applied Psychology
Rachel Maissan – Student Learning Support Coordinator Navitas Health Skills Australia

Peer review can be be highly beneficial as a developmental framework to improve and increase confidence in teaching practices. Unfortunately, many traditional models are limited in that they often include a power imbalance, risk to the person being reviewed and the need to be in the same room during the observation and feedback stages.

Building on research and current models from similar learning support teams, Fiona Perry and Rachel Maissan refined a new peer review process. It includes four steps: pre-observation discussion, observation, post-observation discussion and self-reflection. All of these steps can be undertaken between individuals on the same campus or on separate campuses using digital collaboration tools like Zoom, phone or email.

Digital peer review overcomes many of the traditional limitations as well as bringing to light several unanticipated benefits.

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