Sasha’s Tasty Tech Treats

Australia/Sydney 9:30am | Wed 11th May
Europe/London 12:30am | Wed 11th May
America/New York 7:30pm | Tues 10th May

Presenter: Sasha Stubbs – Educational Designer

With hundreds of thousands of apps and educational technologies on offer for teaching and learning, finding a good one and then incorporating it into your teaching takes precious time and effort. This regular event is designed to take the pain and mystery out of this process, one app at a time. Each session gives an overview of a particular app or tool, and will briefly cover:

  • How it can support or enhance learning;
  • How you can use it in your teaching;
  • How others have used it;
  • And all-important practical tips and tricks for success.

Watch the 2-minute video below to hear Sasha talk about this series, and explain why she chose Quizlet to start things off:

This first session looks at building academic and discipline-specific vocabulary with the flashcard app, Quizlet. This app is versatile, somewhat addictive and can support vocabulary acquisition in a fun and engaging way.
Try Quizlet now! The flashcard set below has been created using key terms from the event. Have a play using different study modes to get a glimpse into the potential of Quizlet.