A shift in mindset: How to embrace students’ growing use of mobile devices

Australia/Sydney 10.00am | Tue 5 March 2019
USA/Los Angeles 3.00pm | Mon 4 March 2019
UK/London 11.00pm | Mon 4 March 2019
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Paul Gregory – Lecturer and Student Academic Support – La Trobe University (Sydney Campus)

Students’ mobile devices have become a prevalent sight in the classroom which will not soon abate. The presence of mobile devices has long been the cause of much frustration for teachers due to the necessity of repeating instructions and an overall drop in classroom participation.

In this event, Paul Gregory shares his reflections on how a shift in mindset helped improve his attitude towards students and their non-academic use of mobile devices in the classroom.

By putting his theory to the test over an entire semester, Paul found that shifting the blame from the students empowered the instructor to incorporate change and made for a more productive and cohesive classroom experience.

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