Strategies for embedding employability skills, knowledge and capabilities for future success

Australia/Sydney 2pm | Thurs 1st December
America/New York 10pm | Wed 30th November
Europe/London 3am | Thurs 1st December

Presenter: Margot McNeill – Head, Learning and Teaching Transformation
Navitas Learning and Teaching Services

Encouraging and supporting innovation in a highly sessionalised workforce is a challenge for many higher education environments (Coats et al, 2010; Lizzio et al 2002). As cohorts of students become increasingly diverse, with greater requirements for employability skills, academic skills and English language support, this professional development is increasingly important.

During 2015, SIBT, a Sydney-based Navitas college, provided an opportunity to its casual and its ongoing academic staff to engage in a project designed to strengthen student outcomes, build in employability and academic skills and enhance the learning experience.

The project resulted in dynamic new programs, with higher levels of engagement from students and more rewarding environments for teachers.

The presentation outlines the main phases of the project, including:

  1. The learning and teaching framework and how it was developed;
  2. The ‘whole-of-program’ approach used to design the new SIBT programs;
  3. The professional development process used to support teachers in designing and developing their resources and activities for blended delivery.

A major component of the presentation will be a demonstration of the SIBT Moodle instance with some examples of the activities developed by the teachers, to embed employability and academic skills.