Strategy Sessions: Get organised with a lesson plan

Australia/Melbourne 3.00pm | Mon 21 May 2018
USA/Los Angeles 10.00pm | Sun 20 May 2018
UK/London 6.00am | Mon 21 May 2018

Menik Tissera – Lecturer – Deakin College

Since early 2016, Navitas teachers globally have participated in more than 14,000 hours of professional development in courses run by L&T Services.

Three months after the end of their course, participants are asked to consider what changes they have made to their practice. This series invites those teachers to share a learning and teaching challenge and their strategies and learnings from the process.

Each session includes Q&A discussion with the presenter and other attendees to help you connect with others in the learning and teaching community.

In any given semester, the content should be properly communicated to the students in an organised manner to ensure the learning outcomes are met within the limited time. A ‘lesson plan’ becomes handy in this situation.

A lesson plan is a tool and a model for structuring an individual lesson. It provides strategies for efficiently putting together content needed for teaching; the amount of time spent in each topic and what supporting tools can be used. Other advantages of a lesson plan is that it ensures the consistency of teaching from one semester to another. Also if there are multiple lecturers teaching the same unit, they can use the same patterns and tools for teaching.

In this event, Menik Tissera will use an example of her own lesson plan to demonstrate how to effectively create and use one.