Confidence is key: a successful approach to teaching statistics

Australia/Sydney 11.00am | Thu 8 Aug 2019
USA/Los Angeles 6.00pm | Wed 7 Aug 2019
Canada/Winnipeg 8.00pm | Wed 7 Aug 2019
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Dr Saad Odeh – Senior Program Convener for Engineering and IT  – SIBT

Teaching statistics has increasingly been regarded as a complex mission to accomplish as it consists of many different mathematical components with many variables. Despite extensive research work in developing education in statistics, this discipline still requires significant improvement in how it is taught. Most students at university have a lack of interest in undertaking statistics courses due different factors –  some of them are related to teaching techniques and others are related to method of assessment.

In this event, Saad Odeh will present an effective teaching technique in statistics developed by SIBT teachers. Rather than enabling the cohort by providing them with extra help to progress in statistics, the idea was to improve their confidence when they do the major assessment, “the final exam”.