Can teachers be innovators too?

Australia/Perth 2.00pm | Tue 19 Jun 2018
USA/Los Angeles 11.00pm | Mon 18 Jun 2018
UK/London 7.00am | Tue 19 Jun 2018

Gemma Clarke – Navitas I.T Business Applications – Curtin College

The word ‘innovation’ seems to pop up everywhere these days. Enter the phrase ‘innovation and teaching and learning’ into Google Scholar and it returns 2 420 000 articles, 10 400 since the start of this year alone. But what does it mean to be innovative in your teaching? Does it really only relate to technology? Are there risks associated with being innovative? And are we rewarded for being innovative?

In this event, Gemma Clarke will explore what innovation really means, and how we identify whether we are innovative in our teaching practice. She will also discuss the risks associated with being innovative using the case of Eric Mazur’s peer to peer learning as an example. To close, she will offer some suggestions for how teachers can be rewarded for being innovators.