Tool or toy? How our teachers really feel about tech

Australia/Sydney 6.00pm | Thurs 18th May
USA/Los Angeles 1.00am | Thurs 18th May
Europe/London 9.00am | Thurs 18th May

Lucy Blakemore – Head, L&T Communities & Networks 
Yindta Whittington – Research and Project Officer

The proliferation of smartphones and other technologies have the potential to transform our lives, both personally and professionally. So how are technological changes and trends impacting our teachers, the places we learn and the student experience?

In 2016, we ran the first ever global Navitas teacher technology survey to find out more about our teachers’ usage and attitudes towards technology. Questions we wanted to explore included:

  • How are teachers currently using technology in their personal lives and in our colleges?
  • What encourages teachers to adopt and integrate technologies into teaching practice?
  • What are teachers looking for in terms of support, inspiration, and innovation in learning technologies?

After analysing over 1,800 responses from our colleges around the world, our data-soaked brains are buzzing, not only from the number-crunching but also from the conversations we’ve been able to have with teachers and academic managers about what these results could mean.

Join us for an interactive presentation of some high level results as we open up the conversation and discuss the implications of this ongoing research.