‘Tricks’ that students may use to fool Turnitin

Australia/Melbourne 10.00am | Thu 17 January 2019
USA/Los Angeles 3.00pm | Wed 16 January 2019
UK/London 11.00pm | Wed 16 January 2019
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Alison Black – Senior Teacher (Blended Learning) – Hawthorn-Melbourne

Have you ever wondered how some students manipulate the plagiarism detection tool Turnitin to reduce the similarity score?

In this session, Alison Black will share the ‘tricks’ that students use to fool Turnitin. Turnitin does not detect plagiarism, but instead checks the student’s work against a database for similarity to other students’ work and flags it for the marker to review.

Alison will also emphasise the need for a culture that sees Turnitin as an educative tool that can help students improve their writing, e.g., paraphrasing, rather than a punitive tool, and will share marking criteria and lesson ideas with this approach in mind.