Workshop: Enhancing the Student Experience

Professor Hamish Coates – University of Melbourne
Professor Victor Borden – Indiana University

A national project has sought to stimulate new ways of thinking about the higher education student experience. Funded by the Australian Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching, the project has mapped new ways of thinking about students, looked at approaches being used by dozens of Australians in higher education institutions, and worked with hundreds of experts around the world to spotlight options for improvement. To convey these findings, a series of workshops have been designed to help institutions understand how to enhance students’ experience.

For more information about the project visit the CSHE website or email

Workshop overview

The workshop seeks to enhance awareness of emerging perspectives and practices and develop strategies for evidence-based educational change. The workshops bring together people from different institutions and areas of practice. Workshops are led by Professor Hamish Coates and Professor Victor Borden, with input from colleagues at participating institutions.

Navitas Workshop details

[This workshop is open to Navitas staff only]

  • Length – 2 hours
  • Location – Wynyard Green, 11 York St, Sydney
  • Capacity –  due to room size a maximum of 30 participants
  • Pre-task – Participants are encouraged to bring insights and resources
  • Pre-requisites – No prior knowledge or experience of the project is required