Develop your online presentation skills

Online events are a great way to present. They can connect you with like-minded people, which may help uncover ideas and spark further inspiration. Presenting online is also a valuable and practical skill, especially for your own professional development.  

For those new to presenting online or looking for a little guidance, this four-part video series originally created for Navitas Professional trainers offers some tools and ideas to deliver engaging and effective online sessions.  Thanks goes to the presenters, Pamela Murray-Jones and Leanne Courtney, whose creativity and humour make it a great prompt to reflect on webinar practices.

Video #1:  Overview

The overview covers three key skills:

  • Communication strategies like recording yourself to listen out for distracting habits, and avoiding having too much on the slides.
  • Technical essentials (that’s the PC, internet, headset, quiet room) and slide templates, like those freely available from
  • Monitoring the time, yourself and your participants.

Video #2: Story-telling

Crafting your presentation using story-telling techniques:

  • Define your objective. What do you want your audience to Think, Feel and Do?
  • Make a plan. Explore a structure that starts with an attention-grabber.
  • Develop a memorable message.
  • Write and edit content using storyboards. Remember, online webinars are not the place for all the details; keep it simple and visual.

Video #3: Designing

This video explores how to design your online presentation, including:

  • Slide design: how to use templates, including free decks from SlidesCarnival and SlideSmash
  • Colour, movement and flow: unpacking ideas using visuals and multiple slides
  • Aligning style to the content: who is your audience and how can you keep them highly engaged?

Video #4: Presenting

It’s Go Time!

This video provides some advice on how to manage the opportunities and surprises that come with presenting online, including:

  • How to manage participants
  • Pacing and timing
  • Recovering from mishaps and keeping a smile in your voice

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