An interview with on EdTech innovations and disruption on the horizon

In my roles as General Manager of Navitas Learning and Teaching Services and Head of Digital Learning Futures for Navitas Ventures, I get to work across the whole spectrum of innovation in education. The former gives me a chance to work with all Navitas colleges globally to innovate together in the core of teaching, learning and student experience design, whilst the latter role journeys to the edges of the sector where new and potentially disruptive innovations, technologies and business models are emerging.

Wearing both these hats involves seeing the models and innovations on the horizon, as well as transforming the core business from its current state to improve student outcomes.

Interview with

In this 24 minute interview, Maria Spies outlines the importance of:

  • Partnering with technology providers (starting at 02:25)
  • Outcomes-focussed models as funding pools diminish (04:45)
  • Bootcamps and credentialling (08:00)
  • The Global EdTech Landscape mapping research (14:33)
  • Growing global education demand in the near future (19:20)

Watch the interview with below:


The report discussed in the interview, the Global EdTech Landscape, is an openly available resource. The project mapped more than 15,000 firms working across K-12, higher education and corporate learning, representing more than $50 billion of investment across the whole learning lifecycle. Organised into 26 clusters of innovation, the report provides measures on each across the dimensions of scale, investment, traction and disruptive potential. For more details, download the latest report on the Global EdTech Landscape.

Read more from Maria Spies on the Navitas Ventures blog or get in touch via LinkedIn.