Linking study to work: defining graduate capabilities

Health Skills Australia has been in the process of re-designing the diploma of Nursing in line with contemporary educational practice. Among other things, this included introducing blended and online modes of study, and exposing students to authentic case studies that reflect situations they will encounter in the workplace. At the same time we have introduced graduate capabilities across the curriculum to ensure that students graduate ready to meet the demands of the rapidly changing health care industry.

Within this project, we have worked with Cambridge English UK to trial the Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire (CPSQ), traditionally used as a tool to screen candidates for careers in the National Health Service. The CPSQ will baseline students against the graduate capabilities and enable them to identify developmental areas.  Students’ progress against the graduate capabilities will also be captured through the introduction of an ePortfolio for self-reflection and for demonstrating work readiness to employers. You can read more about this from Ingrid here:

The diagram below gives an overview of the graduate capabilities identified for students in Health Skills Australia:

graduate capabilities_HSA

If you would like to learn more about graduate capabilities and the Diploma of Nursing for Health Skills Australia, please contact (HSA) or connect on Yammer.