Navitas wins ‘best paper’ at annual TEQSA Quality conference

Navitas won ‘best paper’ at the TEQSA Conference for the paper ‘Holistic Curriculum Transformation: A Scalable Model for Student Success’. We are thrilled to have accepted this prize in front of an 800-strong audience of our university partners, peers and leaders from the Australian higher education sector. Being recognised by the peak Australian regulatory body focussed on quality in higher education speaks volumes about Navitas’ commitment to quality and student success.


Cover of Maria Spies and Dr Margot McNeill’s presentation

We drew upon extensive research as well as practices from across our global higher education businesses to articulate:

  • How learners are changing, with an increasing proportion of university enrolments from ‘non-traditional’ profiles, demanding an education experience that is truly flexible, personalised, relevant and with ‘right sized’ content, which they can access as and when needed for ongoing career and skills development;
  • Imperatives for digital transformation and the limitations of simply adding technologies into the existing models;
  • A holistic transformation model that considers all components and ensures alignment between them, including reward structures and policies that support the changes, senior sponsorship and management that operationalises decisions, change management and communications;
  • Results from implementation in a range of colleges including improvements from pre-curriculum transformation project levels in student results and satisfaction rates, more consistent approaches to curriculum and delivery across units and programs, and gains in teacher confidence and skills.

Institutional-wide transformations are not simple or straightforward, therefore a focus on the big picture, consideration of all contextual elements and an open mind to iterative approaches are key. Given the complexity of these projects, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our powerful model and receive the recognition of Australia’s peak higher education quality agency, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

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You will be able to read our full paper via TEQSA soon.

Explore one of the case studies from a Navitas business employing this holistic model, the SIBT Curriculum Transformation, wherein pass rates increased by an average of 7% and student satisfaction by an average of 6%.

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