A matching pair: Connecting the community of international and domestic students

How do you help international students overcome language barriers and feel part of the local culture, whilst also helping domestic students expand cultural horizons and get ready for a globalised working environment? What really makes a difference when you’re trying to build cultural inclusiveness into a student community?

The Pair-Up Program is a multicultural friendship program that encourages international and domestic student cultural exchange at UMass Lowell. Founded in 2015, the program hopes to bridge the cultural gap between international and domestic students through mutual interests and understanding.

In this recording, Patrick Lagan, the Student Experience Specialist from UMass Lowell’s Global Student Success Program, discusses how the Pair-Up Program has helped bring the multicultural community of  UMass Lowell together and his insights into what it takes for a program of this nature to succeed.

To continue the conversation, or for more information please contact patrick.lagan@globaluml.com.