Academic Integrity: Shining a light on the world of plagiarism and ghostwriting

In July 2017 Navitas Learning and Teaching developed an Academic Integrity framework in response to the growing concern around the world that the incidence of plagiarism and ghostwriting was increasing. In November 2017 Ann Wilson took the Navitas Framework to a conference on Academic Integrity.

In this recording, Ann provides an overview of the Academic Integrity framework, and shares her learnings from the APCEI (Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity) conference.

A summary of the principles of academic integrity according to the framework includes:

  • Assessment design: The design and structure of assessment is such that academic honesty is actively supported.
  • Student support strategies: Students are provided with a range of resources that will support their understanding and practice of academic honesty.
  • Policy and institutional frameworks: There are clear guidelines and policies in place which not only assist in the identification of plagiarism, but also set out the protocols and procedures when and if academic honesty is challenged.

Access the draft framework for embedding academic integrity into teaching and student learning here.

Explore the presentation slides below:

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