Celebrating accents: Using technologies to build student confidence in pronunciation

There are a multitude of new apps for helping English language learners to improve their speaking and listening skills, however not every app offers a process for learning.

In this recording, Jonathan Brown presents on how to take a group of ESL students through a learning arc which is technology focused and prioritises interactivity to help them improve these essential academic communication skills. This arc helps learners move from simple, informal tasks to more sophisticated and highly coordinated activities in a blended learning environment.

Jonathan also demonstrates how adapting existing software such as Transcribe, Audio Hijack, Flipgrid and the Amazing Slow Downer can have powerful results and help build a committed learning community, both online and in the classroom.

Explore the slides below:

To find out more, contact Jonathan Brown jonathan.brown@learning.sibt.nsw.edu.au or get in touch on Yammer.