Best practice in international student mental health

The stigma surrounding mental health means students may be unwilling to disclose difficulties they are experiencing and access help. International students are particularly vulnerable as they are away from their usual support networks. Their limited English can also restrict their communication of any issues.

Australian ELICOS (English language teaching for international students sector) providers are aware that mental health issues can seriously impact a student as they progress through their studies. In a survey by English Australia, over 50 per cent of ELICOS colleges believed the number of students with mental health issues has increased in the past two years which is placing an increased strain on the already limited resources of many ELICOS providers.

English Australia released ‘The Guide to Best Practice in International Student Mental Health‘. This guide provides tools and information that will help create an environment where students feel supported should they ever have any mental health concerns.

In this recording, Sophie O’Keefe explores the guide and discusses the mental health issues that international and ELICOS students experience, and shares best practice for addressing these concerns.

Explore the slides below:

This session was facilitated by Sharla Reid (College Director and Principal, Fraser International College). Learn more about some of Sharla’s work below:

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