Bitesize content creation with H5P

The average human now has an attention span of 8.25 seconds, while a gold fish averages 9 seconds.

That’s a contentious statistic, of course, however there are elements of relevance for us. We live in a faster, more connected world where people live busy lives in an almost non-stop blended delivery model. Technology and connectedness dominate our lives and our students’ lives in both social and professional domains.

Delivering content in online bite-sized chucks fits with how we and the world now operate.

This recording covers a series of examples of how free features available in H5P, an interactive web based HTML5 content creator tool, have been used to break up the online content into chunks. Features such as image hotspots, virtual revision cards and interactive slides will be presented along with a detailed analysis.

For more information, please contact Daniel at or connect with him on Yammer.