Buried by readings!

A common challenge faced in teaching any law subject is managing the reading workload.  Court cases and legislation are a necessary part of the curriculum.  But how do you encourage the students to read just enough cases and legislative provisions to learn the fundamentals?

In the past, the number of pages assigned for weekly reading was often associated with academic rigour. But nowadays ensuring students’ comprehension and critical engagement with texts is counterbalancing the view that “more is better”.

In this recording, Victoria Roberts shares her experience teaching international students business law at the Masters level. Since English is often not the student’s first language, it is a challenge engaging students to read summaries of complex court cases and often dull legislation. As for tutorial questions completed at home… an unlikely occurrence.  This presentation is about working with the students you have and making sure the fundamentals of the course are covered, without losing the engagement of the students.

This presentation was produced as part of a final activity in FoLTO – Blended Learning Essentials where participants contributed to a wealth of resources on strategies to assist the challenges of blended learning. For more information about the FoLTO suite of courses and other Moodle professional development courses check out the Moodle PD page.