Donut worry! Boosting student attendance for mental health initiatives

Many people experience mental health issues but few seek help from a health professional. How can education providers help end the stigma and encourage students to seek help for their mental health?

This year’s Let’s Talk Day at the International College of Manitoba was a step in the right direction. It attracted 10 times more students in attendance than previously, plus students following along on Instagram.

Reflecting on this success, Student Services Manager Melissa Mushikori will share strategies that can boost attendance and the impact of mental health initiatives, with methods that don’t require onerous research and preparation. Of course, success in mental health promotion doesn’t result from a single strategy. Melissa will also share how this initiative connected to other mental health programs and services, from in-class presentations to the 24/7 service MYISSP.

To read about the great initiatives that was shared by others who attended the online webinar, check out this post-event write-up.

Please feel very welcome to contact Melissa Mushikori or connect on Yammer if you have any questions, follow-ups or thoughts on this topic!

Melissa Mushikori’s background is in international education – she is entering her sixth year at the International College of Manitoba (ICM) as Student Success manager, and prior to that she was an English teacher and trainer in Korea. Melissa is enthusiastic about supporting students who are at risk and promoting mental health.