Embracing diversity: Supporting international LGBTQI+ students

For an international student, moving to Australia to study is an exciting and amazing experience. Learning a language, immersing in a new culture, and making friends from all over the world is all part of this enriching and rewarding experience.

The international LGBTQI+ student body makes up 10% of the total cohort of students studying in Australia each year, however, an overwhelming number of studies show that there is a feeling of isolation and difficulty in finding a community of support amongst these students.

In this recording, Louise Kane and Tegan McCarthy introduce the Rainbow Hub, a government-funded support group for LGBTQI+ international students in Brisbane. The Rainbow Hub aims to raise awareness, promote and facilitate a supportive environment for international LGBTQI students in the wider community. They also share ideas for how your institution can support your international LGBTQI+ students and ensure they thrive in Australia.

Explore the slides below:

You can watch the Rainbow Hub video from the session, ‘We are the future’, here.

To continue the conversation, contact Louise Kane and Tegan McCarthy, or share your thoughts and ideas about ways to create safe spaces and support the LGBTQI+ community in your organisation via YammerTwitter or LinkedIn.