Fake news: Identifying, debunking and discussing false narratives with learners

Fake news

Fake news. It was the 2017 word of the year, but how is it understood by the student of today?

Students today are often heavily engaged in the online community, moving in social spheres that may be foreign to their teachers. With studies revealing that 48% of Australians now use social media as a news source, it is increasingly important for educators to understand how their students are engaging with online content and communities. As educators, we must equip ourselves with the tools and skillsets needed to debunk false, misleading and biased content and to show our students how to do the same.

In this recording, Alyce Hogg introduces the drivers of fake news, from online communities like ‘Reddit’ and ‘4chan’ to bots and content mills. Alyce also provides strategies and resources for identifying and debunking fake news and suggests approaches for discussing fake news with students.

Explore the slides below:

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