FoLTO showcase: Increasing engagement and retention amongst VET students

Teachers around Navitas are doing amazing work which often remains unseen beyond their classroom or staffroom. We are showcasing some of the group presentations from participants completing our Professional Development course, Foundations of Learning and Teaching Online – Engagement and Motivation presented as their final activity in the course.

The FoLTO course is designed to provide teachers with an action learning approach to improving student engagement and motivation in online and blended environments. During the course, participants review their own practice and classrooms and consider some of their most challenging experiences around student engagement in learning and teaching in online and blended environments and develop strategies for success to overcome these challenges. They then present their findings back to the group.
Following the success of the presentations, the participants were asked if they’d like to share their work and insights.

This recording is of Younes’s reflections about enriching student engagement and motivation.

For more information or to discuss further, please contact Younes at or connect with him on Yammer.