Integrating, curating and streamlining digital readings into Moodle

Readings are a crucial resource for any higher education curriculum. But as the classroom increasingly adopts digital tools and practices, heavy textbooks and study guides are falling out of vogue, for both educators and their students. Integrating digitised and online reading resources into our online learning environment is an effective way of ensuring our students continue to engage with this content. However, managing, curating and presenting online reading lists can prove a challenge.

In this recording, Alyce Hogg introduces you to some simple and accessible curation and automation tools that will help streamline the process of managing your online reading resources. She also shows you how you can present these resources in an aesthetically pleasing manner in your online learning environment, increasing student engagement to bring readings back to their vital place in the classroom.

A summary of the links Alyce mentions in the recording are below:

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