International millennials: Language learners’ needs for success

The University of Idaho Global Student Success Program
Spring 2018 Lecture Series – Lecture 2

In this recording, Ibtesam Hussein and Katie Schiffelbein share results from a survey conducted with University of Idaho faculty. The survey was designed to understand the challenges faculty face when working with international students and language learners, and their perceptions of students’ learning needs. Ibtesam and Katie investigated common teaching and learning strategies faculty used in their classes.

Aligning faculty reported challenges and needs with findings from the literature and their own experience teaching English language learners, they share key strategies, making a distinction between faculty reporting and researched best practices. For example, they found that faculty expected students to be able to follow instructions on email however, most students struggled to understand emails and did not perceive email as pedagogical media. Ibtesam and Katie conclude by highlighting programmatic changes implemented by the American Language and Culture Program as a result of the survey, including academic advising, curricular emphasis on metacognition and short answers, and assessment changes.

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