Speaking of Employability Skills: Using behavioural profiles to help students take control

When students are at the beginning of their first or new career journey, they need information on their skills and new career needs. One tool that’s easy to use and adapt, and successfully implemented in Careers & Internships, gives students an edge in interviews and supplies them with a professional development plan.

In this recording you’ll hear a panel discussion around:

  1. C&I’s curriculum and learning outcomes for job-ready graduates
  2. Behavioural profiles as a tool for self-awareness and self-directed development, with the Spotlight model as an example
  3. Case study from the coal face of implementing behavioural tests in the classroom

Discover for yourself the uses and benefits of using behavioural tests as an adaptable classroom tool. Find out how this has raised student confidence, awareness and the ability to articulate the skills that will sell them in the market place.

See below the slides from the presentation

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