Coaching for success: a student academic support model

Successful student completion of study is a key measure of success for all learning programs. However, what enables some students to succeed in a program while others’ struggle is less understood.

In 2016, ACAP embarked on research into student completions for its vocational programs to gain a better understanding of why some students passed and others failed in the same study programs.

In this recording, Sharon Aris and Elisa McLeod present their paper on a highly successful student intervention program called ‘The Coaching Clinic’ that formed a key part of the response to its completions program.

Statistical data and case study examples will provide insights into the key interventions that enabled nine in ten students referred to this program to successfully complete their studies. Key elements of the clinic include a case management approach, strengths-based learning and a ‘no shame’ policy towards student support.

Explore the slides below:

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