Driving student outcomes and success: What’s next for the retention pilot projects?

Retaining students to achieve successful outcomes is a complex and challenging task and is a vital performance indicator for all education institutions globally. Over the past few decades, the fundamentals of successful student outcomes in tertiary education remain unchanged. Key factors impeding success include poor preparation for tertiary study, unsatisfactory academic experience, and lack of social integration.

As part of the Navitas 2020 Strategic Project on Retention, Learning and Teaching Services has been investigating and evaluating current practice both within our colleges and externally, developing a Retention Driver Tree to identify the activities that make a difference to the student experience.

In a recent webinar, Maria Spies and Dr Suneeti Rekhari unpacked retention strategies and explored deeper into the impact of current retention pilots at Deakin and La Trobe Colleges.

Maria Spies outlined the Retention Driver Tree and the factors contributing to student experience and success. Dr Suneeti Rekhari explained the processes used to plan, implement and evaluate the retention interventions, and the early indicators and outcomes emerging from the colleges. Through this presentation, they discussed what these initial findings mean for the Retention Driver Tree and the next steps in addressing retention.

Explore the slides below:

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