Success in blended learning contexts: Strategies that really work!

Success in blended learning

This session is aimed at staff teaching in multi-modal teaching contexts (face-to-face and blended learning), who are looking for ideas and strategies to engage students, and structure their class spaces for success throughout the term.

In this recording, Claire and Roxy demonstrate specific key examples or ‘hot tips’ in making use of educational technology with regard to:

  • Preparing for class: Strategies for welcome messages, ice breakers, structuring your class communication and sharing expectations for discussion forums.
  • Engaging and motivating learners: Strategies for creating opportunities for students to ask questions, ideas for collaboration activities, discussing assignments, and providing feedback.
  • Closing a class: Strategies to effectively close classes and finish a subject/unit/course.

If you are interested in learning more about online teaching pedagogies, you can register for the upcoming 5-week course – FoLTO: Blended Learning Essentials