Tackling student mental health: Recognize, respond, refer

Do you ever feel out of your depth or overwhelmed with trying to manage students who come to you emotionally distressed? Does this affect your own stress levels?

Whether you are a teacher or support staff, it is essential for your own health and well-being and the well-being of your students that you feel resourced with strategies to manage these situations effectively.

In this recording, Jane Daisley-Snow will help you recognize the signs of mental health issues; respond appropriately with ‘mental health first aid’; and refer students on to receive the professional support they need.

Explore the slides below:

This webinar is inspired by ACAP’s ‘Accidental Counsellor’ training. To learn more about the ‘Accidental Counsellor’ training or make an enquiry for a one day workshop, please contact Jane Daisley-Snow.